Communico is a next generation library company fanatical about the user experience of both patrons and staff. Viarti has worked with them since 2006 providing creative solutions for their web cms, digital signage, room booking and events modules… plus lots more.


Logo and identity

Built around a teal and dark grey colour set, the Communico identity makes use of its logo in supersize form in applications such as exhibition stands and workspace signage. A set of marketing and application icons was created to publicise and signpost the company’s module offering.

Exhibition booths

A henge-style stand was conceived to allow for auto-run screen demonstrations on the outside faces and a semi-enclosed area within for one-on-one presentations. The high-level suspended circular banner floated above the stand signposting visitors and enhanced the stand’s height.

Marketing brochures and specification sheets

A brochure aimed at library industry decision makers, this overview of Communico’s services showed the range of the company’s various modules. A clear presentation of how they fit together combined with their ability to integrate with third party software was achieved in a single spread. The icon based approach was carried through to the more detailed specification sheets.

Library patron self-check UI

Design concepts for library self-checkout interface which combined library event suggestions and recommendations for reads based on the user’s previous loans and activity.

CMS design

A drag and drop interface was created to allow library staff with limited knowledge of html to create and manage their library system’s website. With a simple 3-block cms builder, users could quickly add content directly, embed native and third-party widgets and integrate Communico’s room booking and events modules seamlessly within their website. A blank canvas for users but we also created sites as part of the process too.

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