We’ve worked with the NHS in partnership with London boroughs and health groups as well as with NHS Wiltshire, to provide awareness, help and lifestyle support communication.


Services survey poster

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Over 40s health-check poster

Free health checks for over 40s illustrated with meshing spur gears. One of our pet hates is gear icons that don’t mesh or – even worse, they all mesh making it impossible for the gears to turn.

So it was important that this illustration for NHS shows smooth running of all the moving parts.

A word from Sarah…

One of the best things about working with Vernon is that it instantly feels as though you’ve gained another member of the team.  He instinctively ‘got’ the messages we were trying to convey despite a hideously complicated brief.  This makes the whole process so much quicker and enjoyable; no need to keep explaining the context or the possible pitfalls.  Combined with the fact he’s a lovely guy – all makes for a really great working relationship.

Sarah MacLennan, Associate Director, Communications and Engagement Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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