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Fat Bustards


I admit to a passion for cycling and with a close group of friends and like-minded individuals, a cycling team was born. With a quirky nod to the Great Bustard – a rare bird found on Salisbury Plain, a personal project took flight.


Skinny jerseys

Team Fat Bustard jerseys created for a sport where nobody is a small.
Merchandise & clothing
Fat Bustards

A look for road and off-road

The Team Fat Bustard logo is designed to stand out in the peloton or café. The logo coupled with red and the accent yellow and black creates a fresh look to jerseys. And Pinguis Tarda – the nearest latin translation for Fat Bustard – provides a nice detail on sleeves and collars.
Fat Bustards

Souvenir poster

To celebrate the inaugural Eroica Grasso Bustardio in Wiltshire, a classic cycling poster was commissioned reflecting the route on the longest, hottest day in 2019.
Merchandise & clothing
Fat Bustards

Mugs and calendars

Cyclists are thirsty, most drink coffee, but some prefer tea and what better receptacle to drink it out of! And for all cycling, if it’s on the calendar…
Merchandise & clothing
Fat Bustards

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